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Tales from the old City - Saints among Sinners - Behind The Scenes

Howdy, my friends, fans and visitors,

I am excited with the whole news. So to start, lets talk about what this post is about, but to explain the present work I need to talk a little about all. My past works, they are documented here. Since 2007 when I was developing Machinima in Second Life, I had that will to series of tales, connected to a city (inspired in Sin City film style). The basic Idea came from a series of episodes about situations, characters in a chaotic city, trying to bring to the audience a cool Cliffhanger mood in Machinima storytelling (inspired in Fight Club and Revolver "GOD I LOVE THOSE MOVIES"). In 2007, of course i've started this adventure, Tales from the Old City" (re uploded in my personal Channel).

Second Life wasn't the best option for a higher steps, not because of the platform, or the brand, or the Virtual World, in fact  I wasn't happy with the CGI output quality, At that time so I started this novel, even in Second Life , not in my highest bet.

So how I did not felt satisfied and moved me to other platforms, virtual worlds, CGI programs and games. I've tested the Iclone thought it was brilliant, gorgeous, very good, but it was / is a bit complicated, I found many obstacles and setbacks that went against what could spend in time and money. I remind you that did not, nor do I have any sponsorship or monetary return, all I invested, I don't consider as a money loss, after all do it with passion and is the passion that drives us, the only limit is our bank account: D ( following the front). Other platforms tested until I "found" GTAIV, specifically TBoGT "The Ballad of Gay Tony." At that time I already had my small business CGI Yourmachinima and after watching "The Trashmaster" a feature length film one of the best I have seen, done all in GTAIV. But the fourth version of the GTA left me a little off when there was already news and announcements in GTAV (my eyes brightened at that time with the photos). At that time and also for personal reasons, postponed once more the production, continuing to make a few videos without great content. I think I felt asleep. :P  Well what brings us here is what the title says "Saints Among Sinners - Behind The Scenes". Now it begins in a Offroad group where (I do not even remember why) I was approached by Joe Tat Tzg the owner of this cool and very useful channel Capere Legend.

I was curious about Joe when I told what I always tell about my work, because it's how I work, I do mostly collaborative work (I am not a writer, not a music and sound composed, I can do but not my best as I can produce, organize, do the screenplay, characterization etc etc). So we talked a bit and them, PLIM BOOM so we have the kick start for this. I am also even more impressed with Joe, received recently a graduation in Cretive Media Production), and I guess things goes higher.

I'm not gonna spoil the plot, neither content already set :P, we have already Part 1 of this exciting script and I assume It will take sometime to start the production (I have to fit all my Virtual life with my Real life hahaha, indeed).

The intention is also strategic in the series, after all the episodes would not have to be connected necessarily , just the connection was to be in the same city.

Curiosities about this production.

* My initial thought was each episode one writer, for now I'll with Joe as many as he wants/can.
* This output, I'll bring a Full HD 1080p60 (60fps)
* I was seriously almost leaving the whole idea, since I've started this adventure many years ago and stopped, for the reasons I've explained above.
* We are still setting the voiceovers, there is one voiceover that will surprise you completely. We don't have all cast set yet neither the actors, but as far as I see some interests, this will be, top-notch. I believe in that completely.

We hope you will enjoy this start of the tales with the "Saints among Sinners".

Teaser: Two Brothers go in search of their Father in Los Santos. What they uncover as they rise through the ranks of one of the largest criminal organization's in LS is a little more than they bargained for...


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